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Zapf Punkt Summer Solstice 2019

Happy Summer Solstice of 2019! The second issue of Zapf.Punkt can be downloaded from Diamond Bay Press: Zapf.punkt 2 (Summer Solstice 2019)Download PDF Did you ever ask yourself, what was that crazy


The Split Personality of Jekyll and Hyde

Mort Kunstler cover painting from Classics Illustrated, #33 (1953). src Although the original publication date of Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is listed as 1886, apparently it was actually


Zapf.punkt Spring Equinox 2019

“The Worm Ouroboros”, Cover art by Barbara Remington. src Regards to everyone on this Super Worm Moon, the Spring Equinox of 2019! The Farmer’s Almanac tells us that the “worm moon” has something t


Jules Verne Visits Algeria

“Verne collecting authentic information from the best sources about the underwater world” from L’Algerie Pittoresque, 15 Jun 1884. src Jules Verne is too well known, so that if you allow me to prais


Francesco Verso on Diamond Bay Radio

Join us for a podcast with Francesco Verso. His novel Livido won the Best Italian Science Fiction Award in 2014. Now the book is being released in English as Nexhuman by Apex Books. go to the PODCAS


Time Travel in Paris

Painting (c) Todd Schorr Lisa Goldstein’s first novel, The Red Magician, won the National Book Award in 1983, in the category for “original paperback novel.” Strangely that is the only year that ca