The Groove is Analog

I was talking with my friend Don about this cool book I am reading about the rocket scientist John Whiteside Parsons — _Strange Angel_ — when the conversation somehow changed tracks to Leon Theremin, the enigmatic Soviet inventor. This conversation prompted me to check out the recent biography by Albert Glinsky, Theremin: ETHER MUSIC AND ESPIONAGE, with an introduction by the late great Robert Moog… yes, that Bob Moog! In his introduction, Moog mentioned that he wrote an article for Electronics World in 1960 that detailed his early work selling theremin kits by mail order. Hmm, I thought…wonder what became of that article? Turns out that someone scanned it for a website, which later vanished, but miraculously it was archived by the Wayback Machine! Mr. Peabody and Simon, I know you’re out there watching out for us miserable earthlings, and I have to thank you, sincerely. Hope you will enjoy the scanned images of the article, which appeared in the January 1961 issue of Electronics World:

page 1 (288k jpg)

page 2 (472k jpg)

page 3 (400k jpg)

page 4 (342k jpg)

page 5 (135k jpg)

Now we can build our own authentic 1960-style theremins and aspire to the magnificent soundtrack of the original _The Day The Earth Stood Still_.

If you are interested in other kits, check out the amazing kit details by Art Harrison, Theremin Enthusiasts Club, and the geeks at Theremin World. If you are into the latest theremin music, check out Thereminvox.