The Situationist International redux

Here is a short documentary on the Situationists movement (in three parts) related to a show: “On the passage of a few people through a brief moment in time. The Situationist International (1957-1972),” which was exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston (October 20, 1989-January 7, 1990). Thanks to Tosh Berman (publisher of Tam Tam Books, and son of Wallace Berman) for posting these!

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

The quote in the comic strip (a panel of Milton Caniff’s Steve Canyon), is from the Society of the Spectacle, by Guy Debord (see chapter 123, last sentence). The English translation in my Black & Red 1983 edition reads: “The very development of class society to the stage of spectacular organization of non-life thus leads the revolutionary project to become visibly what it already was e_ssentially_.”