Back on Planet Earth!

After a terrible ordeal of being stuck in some sort of collective nightmare, Americans have somehow managed to bring themselves to back to planet Earth: we have elected Barack Obama to be President of the United States! It’s been a long haul, but somehow the momentum did not fade away. While Republicans managed to drag themselves down into the gutter, then the sewer, only to spend their final hours screaming to themselves inside of a septic tank, the rest of us kept striding forward into the future. Let’s face it, when you are forced to choose between Jim Crow and Barack Obama, only a knuckle-dragging troglodyte could still vote a straight GOP ticket… Thank goodness we have busted through that atavistic nightmare! It is time for generational change! It is time for Camelot!

We need a Camelot, and the world needs a Camelot, so let us celebrate and dream for a glorious moment! Then let us get our feet back on the ground and realize that even Camelot is built on the torture dungeons of evil madmen. We need to inject some realism into our progress, and ultimately to reject the notion of castles, of kings, and of peons. If this election teaches us anything, it is that only a union of free individuals can defeat tyranny. So let us stop thinking about top down solutions, and let us start to NETWORK!