Youre No Good

The streets of Toronto in 1965 provide the backdrop for this punk / delinquent short film (28min), featuring a 25 year old Michael Sarrazin as a bored, alienated youth.    Filmed as a straight social commentary, the director uses some heavy-handed “symbolism,” which is so crude it works as a sort of cartoonish surrealist overlay to an otherwise lackluster film.   In addition, the mid sixties artifacts — solid steel cars, dreary vistas of cement and glass, hairstyles, dance routines, and diners — evoke an era, captured with crisp, clean cinematography.

Those bygone days of formica counter tops, round stools, and heavy white coffee cups…so angst-provoking back then, and now so cozy and nostalgic!  At least you could find a stool and a 35 cent cup of joe.  Nowadays you have to pay $2 for a cup of over-roasted tar at Starbucks, and you might as well forget about finding a stool among the laptop-plucking sages and their $6 brews of triple-whatever-the-hell lattes.  Oh, for those halycon days when a little kick around the neighborhood on a bike could wreck your entire grooving scene…

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