The New Masters Arrive On Thunder and Lightning!

Of course, I was intrigued by the advertisement in this year’s Boskone mag for the Illustration Master Class. Just the idea of Julie Bell, Donato Giancola, Scott Fischer, Dan DosSantos, Boris Vallejo, and Rebecca Guay all being in the same room and talking about painting was a mind-numbing concept. Throw in the fact that Greg Manchess showed up, too, and that the “students” were all virtuosoes to begin with made for a really amazing event.

Fortunately, Irene Gallo, of Tor Books blogged the entire week, and now we ordinary mortals can get an idea of the marathon art session that transpired in my alma mater town, Amherst.

Days One and Two

Day Three

Days Four and Five

Sample from Day Six

Days Six and Seven