That Evil Genius

Now where have I heard a similar story before? Where was it again? Give me a minute! It’ll come to me, if I think about it. Hmmm… something to do with crime. Something to do with politics. Yes, yes… Something to do with the President of the United States. But what was that example that I was thinking of? Hmmm… Okay, think about evil, think about some perverted rotters who would turn the Presidency into a criminal operation. Think of traitors. They would stoop to nothing. They would tear up the Constitution itself, even torture random people off the street in order to pillage and steal from the U.S. treasury. They would not even hesitate to kill and destroy their own people, for what?! To get their hands on stinking money, covered in blood… That’s it! I remember now! This is exactly the story called “Woody Woodpecker, the Evil Genius,” by John Stanley, which appeared in Four Color Comics #169 (1947). Whew! For a minute there, I though I was losing my memory.