Absolute Elsewhere by R. T. Gault Lives On!

As the new year arrives, I found that the fascinating annotated bibliography for truth-seekers, compiled by the late R. T. Gault has vanished from the web. Therefore, as both tribute to compiler and hopeful olive-branch extended to the next generation, I am resurrecting most of Gault’s website, including the entire Absolute Elsewhere section and research bibiographies. Fortunately, I took the precaution of saving them all several years ago, and only had to move them from the secret magneto-crystal vaults in the ice-caves over to the public website. So take a word from the old wrinkled alien qi-gong master, and reject all negative influences you have involuntarily recieved! Further, do what thou wilt and enjoy the knowledge transmitted from your inadvertant gurus!


(As time allows I will try to piece together the Order of the Twilight Star Pages from Wayback Machine.)

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