"Can Do" Dangle goes live!

Missed the premiere broadcast of Lloyd Dangle’s live streaming video feed last week, but somehow managed to tune in to the wrap up of this week’s “Big Ass Sarah Palin Episode.” And well worth it!

Where else except for the Ustream feed of “Dangle on Deadline“ will you see the intrepid alt comix artist struggling at the drawing table, producing his weekly gut-laugh strip before your very eyes. The sweat, the toil, the misery of satirizing American life is laid bare.

After producing an entire weekly comic strip, Dangle stayed on the air — sleepless, red-eyed, dazed — to crank out a special “America’s Sweetheart Big Ass” portrait of you know who!

You can watch the previous shows on the Ustream feed, but be sure to tune in live next Monday, same bat time (8:00am Eastern), same bat channel (Dangle on Deadline)!