We need a monkey year...

It has been a contradictory and confusing year, 2015. At times it has been downright neurotic and malevolent, which I suppose is to be expected from a Year of the Goat!

We seem to have gotten farther into the woods, into the darkness, and wound up all covered with cobwebs and mushroom spores falling off the rotting trunks of graying trees. It’s time to bust out of this malaise and enliven ourselves!

The darker the woods, the brighter the Moon.

Now we are entering the Year of the Monkey! That is a time of fun and mischief. Forget about those malevolent leeches and the creaking gears of the corporate industrial machine, and let’s play a tune on them with our monkey-wrenches. This nightmare only lasts as long as we are watching it.

No more re-runs. Let’s all get creative and build a new world in 2016. Happy New Year, amigos!