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Bazara at the Shin-Yakushiji Temple in Nara

This wild-haired figure is one of the “Twelve Heavenly Generals” guarding the Buddha at Shin-Yakushiji Temple. You can really grok the origins of those wild manga hairstyles when you get a close loo


Basil Wolverton: Advice for Weird Beards

Money saving tips are very useful these days, so take a word from the pros: when your beard gets too weird know how to mow it! This and other great advice is currently available in a series of 50 sc


Philip Jose Farmer and the Weird Beard

Philip Jose Farmer, one of the great SF minds of our times, passed away in his Peoria, Illinois home. The tributes and obits are flowing in from all corners of society. SF Site has posted a great 1975 interview conducted in Minneaopolis by Dave Truesdale, (editor of Tangent fanzine), which primarily deals with the identity of Kilgore Trout.