The riches of Readercon 2009

It was great to attend my first Readercon. Like entering a stranger’s house and finding yourself among all of your best friends. Of course some of them I met for the first time… like the Crochety Old Fan, Alan, and Kit Reed. By the way, Kit Reed has a terrific autobiographical sketch, “The Story Until Now,” appearing in the latest issue (July 2009 #251) of New York Revue of Science Fiction. Get your hands on a copy, if you can!

The panels were interesting and cerebral. John Shirley never showed up (who could have predicted it?), but other than that the whole program seemed to go according to plan. Great to see Andy Gelas in the book shop, and to meet Art Vaughan and John Kuenzig, not to mention being able to pick up a big stack of loot for peanuts. Stayed tuned for more con reports, coming soon.


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