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Zapf Punkt Summer Solstice 2022

illustration by Keith Roberts (Nov 1965)

Zapf.Punkt number fourteen, what cult?

Zapf.punkt 14 (Summer Solstice)

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Who are these stagecoach vultures gnawing on the Constitution with blood-red beaks? What fucked up delusion made them think they are worthy of being rulers of anything at all? As for their followers, the only thing that comes to mind is: paranoia sweet destroyah.

Those who would be king may find only a pack of poisonous monkeys on their raft, after they go stark raving mad and slay each other.

What does it take to stop the monsters within?
Daylight kills vampires, amigos!

Join us for a UFO ride down to the Australian desert, where an elaborate mansion rises from the sands of our collective unconscious. It’s the Forbidden Planet of Josephine Saxton. A Group Feast lays all our hungers bare and women become mermaids when they go into the blue again.

Peace is better.

Table of Contents

  • Million Volt Lottery Ticket
  • The Forbidden Planet of Josephine Saxton
  • Thrills Down Under, the Aussie SF Pulps

playlist: when all seems lost