Kelly Freas Covers for Lancer Books

Slaves of Sleep

Found an interesting copy of L. Ron Hubbard’s Slaves of Sleep at Second Story Books recently. Kelly Freas painted a knock-out cover for this Lancer Books edition, and I was wondering what other gems by Freas were floating around on some of these old Lancer paperbacks from the 60s. Although I couldn’t find a complete listing, I did find a smattering of covers, which you can find below the fold.

There’s a decent bibliography of Freas artwork here. It would be great to find higher resolution scans of the following images, but that’s all I could dig up so far.

At least I was able to scan and post the cover of Slaves of Sleep at higher res, enjoy!

The Man Who Wanted Stars

Into the Slave Nebula

Time Gladiator

Siege Perilous

Dreadful Sanctuary

Currents of Space

Stars Like Dust

End of Eternity

Naked Sun


Girls from Planet 5