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R. Crumb Ink At Mass Art

Ran over to Mass Art Paine Gallery (how apropos!) to see the R. Crumb Underground exhibit, which was written up recently in the Phoenix and the Globe. This exhibit kicked off two years ago at the Yerba Buena Center of the Arts, and has been making the rounds from city to city, and finally seems to have drifted into Boston on a Greyhound bus, clutching an old leather bag of 78s and sinsemilla buds.


Nuie Reith Rocks: Her First Solo Show

Yes, I knew her way back when… That is to say the original sproutling. Here we are in the artist’s hip pad, with me sporting my usual fantastico look! Now my daughter, Nuie, has launched her first solo art show at Backstage Studio Productions in Kingston, New York. The website is out of date, but they actually are hosting the show this month, and held the gala opening last Saturday night, February 9th. Nuie somehow managed to sell 9 pieces on the opening night! Way to go, Nu!


Troubletown Turns Twenty

Only by chance did I notice that Lloyd Dangle, cartoonist and creator of Troubletown, is currently tramping across America on a 20th Anniversary Book Tour, celebrating two decades of ceaseless trouble! How can it be that most people know Dangle only because of his Airborne packages, and not for his amazing comics?


Steele Savage, can you give me an "e"?

Enjoyed reading a copy of Heinlein’s novel “Have Spacesuit Will Travel,” with an especially nice cover by Steele Savage. Which made me curious to look up more covers by the same artist. He seems to h


The Anamnesis of Philip K. Dick

The panel is slightly weird, the story is pretty darn weird, and the artwork by R. Crumb is beautiful! Especially the opening portrait of Dick with cosmic energy flowing around him. In any case, Crum