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Solstice is the shortest day

Today is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of year. It was a rainy day, with temperatures as high as 60 degrees Fahrenheit here in New England. Global warming, being the long term rise of temp


Alan Moore on being an artist

My actual condition was that I was in a bleak, no-hope situation, and I decided that I would rather make the attempt at realizing myself as some sort of creative individual.I wanted to do something


The Jodhpur Slippers

Heinrich Zimmer wrote an interesting psychological interpretation of the classic fable, “Abu Kasem’s Slippers,” collected in his book The King and the Corpse. In that tale, the successful businessm


Who you gonna Call? Brianna Wu

CLICK image to Watch Election Eve Campaign Video for Brianna Wu It’s almost primary election day here in Massachusetts, and voters in the urban 8th Congressional District, have a unique choice in t


Francesco Verso on Diamond Bay Radio

Join us for a podcast with Francesco Verso. His novel Livido won the Best Italian Science Fiction Award in 2014. Now the book is being released in English as Nexhuman by Apex Books. go to the PODCAS


Time Travel in Paris

Painting (c) Todd Schorr Lisa Goldstein’s first novel, The Red Magician, won the National Book Award in 1983, in the category for “original paperback novel.” Strangely that is the only year that ca