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Zapf Punkt Winter Solstice 2019

armor of Maxmillian, Met Museum

Happy Winter Solstice of 2019! The fourth issue of Zapf.Punkt can be downloaded from Diamond Bay Press:

Zapf.punkt 4 (Winter Solstice 2019)

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This has been a rough year. Let’s face it. Things aren’t going to well for our planet Earth.

How did we end up ensnared in such shark infested social-network doldrums?   Let’s fire up these SevenMarine 627 engines and beat it the hell out of the Bermuda Triangle!   Back to some kind of reality, ok?

Meanwhile, how about a cup of tea and and a zine:

  • Beseiged Fortress at Beitaipingzhuang recollections of a Bejing neighborhood in the early 1990s

  • Review of Joanna Russ by Gwyneth Jones

  • Grimoires for Tarot Decks how Alan Z. connected me with the Aleister Crowley Tarot
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