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Zapf Punkt Autumn Equinox 2020

Join us for the seventh issue of Zapf.Punkt. Download your free copy from Diamond Bay Press:

Zapf.punkt 7 (Autumn Equinox 2020)

Download from Diamond Bay Press

Are we talking about invisible conspiracies, seeping into reality from the edges and disrupting our city-scapes? Find out from the horse’s mouth in our interview with Seb Doubinsky, author of The Invisible.

Meanwhile, we don’t need to believe in conspiracy so much as plain old piracy when we can see our systems of government collapsing before our very eyes. The invisible hand of capitalism is revealed. It turns out to be nothing more than sweaty paws behind a curtain of money. Self-styled wizards are exposed as cowardly pigs squealing in panic, but still they go on cranking up flames ever higher, ever higher.


It’s time to put out the flames. Also in this issue we transcribed the discussion on Solarpunk (or, if you prefer, Utopianism) that took place at Futurecon, where all the marginalized writers and editors from around the world took center stage of a new reality.

Table of Contents

  • Million Volt Lottery Ticket
  • The Invisible with Seb Doubinsky
  • Harry O’s Volvo P-1800
  • Dream’s Edge - Future Planet
  • Decolonizing the Future (con report)