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The Boat to Orient Point

It’s hard for me to believe that during my years in NYC I never made it East of Flushing, Queens, but there it is.   So this weekend, when we had a chance to visit our friends on the North coast of Long Island, we decided to drive down to New London and catch the car ferry to Orient Point, the extreme Eastward tip of the island.

The boat was perfectly okay, though the ferry staff directing traffic at New London seemed pretty bored and cynical about it all.

The one hour twenty minute trip goes pretty quickly, and it was fun to watch the front end of the ferry open up like jaws of a strange fish when we landed, disgorging the load of cars onto the dock.


Driving Westward on Bicycle Highway 25, we were delighted to find that the North Fork of Long Island is now built up with many interesting vineyards and farms.   We had to stop at a farm stand for a fresh bouquet.

The Chinalai household is a charming museum of sorts, arranged with their favorite pieces from their art and antiques business.

We had some wonderful meals, cooked by Vichai and Sophia at their dining room table… which also served as the workspace for Lee and Sophia as they translated Chinese sayings embroidered into traditional Hainan headscarves.

While they worked, I lazed around getting a sunburn on the beach and reading M. John Harrison’s Pastel City.  All in all, a wonderful weekend!   Thanks, Lee and Vichai!