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Nexhuman, an interview with Francesco Verso

Future Fiction (Rosarium Press, 2018) and Nexhuman (Apex, 2018)

Francesco Verso’s Livido won the Best Italian Science Fiction Award in 2014. Now the book is being released in English as Nexhuman by Apex Books.

In this book, Verso takes us for a journey into the mind and the soul, and into the zone between fear and wonder. The protagonist of the book lives in a world of endless consumerism, where human beings are capable of migrating into post-human mechanical forms.

In such a world, where practical survival leads to brutality and indifference, what does it mean to be free, and to follow one’s own dream?

In this free-form interview, Francesco Verso, explores the topics of transhumanism, consumer culture, and the philosophical aspects of Nexhuman. He also discusses his work in the context of English language publications and the emergence of global voices in Science Fiction, including his own anthology, called Future Fiction, which was co-edited by Bill Campbell and published by Rosarium Press.