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Liz Zitzow Remembers her father, Harold P. Zitzow

A discussion of fandom and Harold P. Zitzow’s Science Fiction Collection, as related by his daughter, Liz Zitzow.
Harold Zitzow learned telegraphy from a correspondence course, and never finished high school. But after serving in the armed forces, he took his G.E.D. exam and was accepted into MIT, where he completed his degree in electrical engineering! A long time aerospace fan, Zitzow attended many rocket launches at Cape Canaveral and was an active member of NESFA fandom. Harold Zitzow also donated his SF magazine collection to help establish the MIT Science Fiction Library, now the world’s largest open shelf collection of SF!
Recorded at Arisia, 16 Jan 2011, Boston, Mass.
Interview with Liz Zitzow (9:45), Diamond Bay Radio, Jan 2011