Do not be like this. Spraying chemical agents into the faces of harmless people is the act of a sociopath. That way lies madness!

Police Officers: all of you walking the beat in American cities from Galveston to Toledo, from Miami to Portland, I believe that the vast majority of you are working to protect your fellow citizens. But we have reached a moment of crisis in our society. The wealth of our nation has been robbed, the banks looted, the government bought by corporations, and our future sold down the river.

Police of America, you have to ask yourselves, when you are told to violently attack unarmed protesters and to arrest those expressing their constitutionally protected right to freedom of speech: who is it you serve?

Who is in danger and who is being protected? In fact, the majority of Americans have seen their real incomes shrink, or their jobs vanish, or their homes foreclosed, or their children impoverished. It is the majority of Americans, the 99%, who are in danger. Isn’t that obvious?

And yet your orders are coming from the 1%, that is to say the rich and super-rich, who have reaped gigantic profits from the horrible suffering they have created. Their financial schemes, such as hedge funds and bundled real estate securities, are the ROOT CAUSE of the economic crisis we are now facing, and yet they are being protected? Protected from what? They are criminals.

Indeed, it is the criminal class of super-rich financiers, together with their OWNED politicians, judges, lawyers, and media streams that should be punished… not the victims of their blood-sucking greed!

Police of America, please do not harm your brothers and sisters who are shouting for justice, for equality, for fairness in the streets. JOIN THEM! Protect the protestors! You know they are speaking the truth, and that the puppet-masters in their billion dollar hide-outs are manipulating you and expecting you to become cold, callous monsters. They are turning you into unfeeling robots, by demanding that you attack non-violent protesters. Is this not crazy and upside-down?

Believe me, men and women in uniform, the trouble makers and evil-doers are in gated communities and bullet-proof penthouses… not standing in the cold rain with cardboard signs! Police of America, join the 99% and bust the heads of the evil bastards who have destroyed our nation and want to turn you into unthinking animals!

Use your training and intelligence and tools to protect the real patriots by cracking down on the super corrupt! If you uphold the motivations of the Occupy Movement you will be protecting Freedom of Speech, Equality, Social and Economic Justice, and you will be firmly standing on the higher ground. By acting within the TRUE word of the law, which is to serve and protect the people of America and to punish those who would harm us, then the 99% of America who are now being enslaved will have your back! We will stand with you!

Police of America, you must join the protests for Truth, for Justice, and stand with the protesters! Otherwise we shall never see a transformation of society for the good, the righteous, and the ethical. We will only see you turn into beasts under the control of blood-thirsty villains. We — the 99% are not attacking you — we are fighting for the necessary change in a system that is corrupt and out of control. It is time to turn the tables and arrest the real criminals…

Police of America, do not take orders from vampires. Stand with the those who are fighting for the land of the free and the home of the brave. The 1% do not own America. They own nothing! Banish their predatory mind-control and restore the moral compass of our nation.