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Exposing the Dirty Wars

Sophia and her new pals, Amy Goodman and Jeremy Scahill

Great book launch at the Harvard Science Center yesterday, featuring Jeremy Scahill on his new book, Dirty Wars.  After his excellent work on exposing Erik Prince’s fiendish company Blackwater, Scahill pursued the covert wars, targeted killings, and drone wars that the U.S. engages in around the world.   In his speech, Scahill said that he started out in journalism by pestering Amy Goodman constantly, offering to feed her cat, wash her car, etc, if only she’d take him on as an intern at Democracy Now.    It got to point where Amy had to choose between taking out a restraining order on him, or letting him join the team.

Good thing she brought him on board, because Scahill’s journalism (for the Nation, Democracy Now, and other agencies) has been courageous, hard-hitting, and shining with moral clarity.    Scahill’s field work in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia shows the sort of backbone we wish other journalists would emulate, so we can finally kick the host of ass-kissing slime-bags who have been posing as journalists (shall cite as an example, Judith Miller or Tucker Carlson?) out on the curb.

If anything will save us from the lying obfuscations of the so-called “main stream media” it will be a new generation of real journalists, who aren’t afraid to reveal the truth and who are persistent enough to be heard.   Right on, Jeremy!   You deserved a standing ovation!   Now if only the power-mongers and their cringing sycophants can be pried away from those kill lists and drone buttons, we can move on to a better, more humane future.