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Bigots vs. Comic Book Fans

When the extremely homo-phobic and generally insane self-described Christians led by Fred Phelps and the Westboro Church decided to protest the “idolotry“ and “skimpily clad whores“ of San Diego Comic Con, there was bound to be an interesting response.  You have to wonder why a few brain dead “true believers” (read: provocateurs) go up against the teaming throng of tens of thousands of comic book nerds…when you know the reaction is going to be an absolute trash fest.   But, thank heavens, the comic fans didn’t fail!

Bender, of Futurama fame, had his moment in the sun, holding a KILL ALL HUMANS sign and shouting: “Westboro Church, bite my shiny metal ass!”   Wish I had been there for that one!



This spontaneously righteous action by the comic book fans almost restores my faith in humanity.  Now if they will only unite against “infinite war,” uncontrolled sprawl, and Plutocracy, we might have a chance to survive.

Other precious signs:

God hates slurm!

God Loves Gay Robin!

All Glory to the Hypno-Toad!

Is this thing on?

Magnets, How the *?*! Do They Work?