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Whats in the Air Over Saturn?

Interesting images captured by Cassini show us the sky over Saturn’s north pole, spanned by a hexagon of clouds in fixed rotation with the gas giant. The scientists at NASA aren’t quite sure what is causing this phenomenon, unknown on any other planet in our solar system. Still, doesn’t it make you wonder what the connection is between Saturn’s north pole and the hexagonal walls of a honeycomb?

What beauty is contrived by Nature when left to its own devices! And why must humans always infer the hand of a higher being in the cosmic beauty all around us? Isn’t it enough to simply accept reality as a mind-bending matrix of symmetry, of consciousness, of amazement? What do we gain from dogmatic demands on our perceptions, after all. Not much. Unbidden neuroses and unnecessary fears.

What those self-righteous idiots — the self-proclaimed believers — have done to our planet Earth is an atrocity. Because they are the chosen people and because they will live forever in their bogus Eternity, they see no problem in laying our entire reality to waste. In my opinion we should throw off the atavistic dogmas of the past and save our own planet, so that visitors observing us will see more than the deadly spume of pollution that we have made of our own atmosphere.