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Making the right turn at the Equinox

Body painting by Emma Hack, inspired by Tretchikoff’s drawing

The Equinox is upon is, and what a strange one!

If you are feeling a little punch-drunk, spun thin on the web of craziness that passes for “reality,” you are not alone. It’s been a troubling time for anyone who is paying attention. Logic seems to have lost credibility somewhere along the line – must have made the wrong turn at Albuquerque – and now we are entrenched in world of illogic; a place where upside down stairwells are traversed by insectoid freaks and pure bosh is passed off as reportage.

A few weeks ago, I was on the other side of the planet, putting as much distance between myself and the strangeness that has transpired in Uncle Sugar as I possibly could. Over yonder, whenever opportunity arose, I walked across the center of town, meandered down to the beach, and sat around on large rocks or driftwood logs, listening the surf. Then one day, I was invited for a drive up into the green mountains near Dulan, just beyond the water flowing uphill, where we visited a Buddhist temple.

The temple was a beautiful white building, nestled high up in the forested mountains, overlooking the Pacific. Some hawks were drifting on the thermals high over the trees, and fine white clouds hung sedately over the sea. One of the senior nuns came out of the temple and gave us an impromptu Dharma talk about the nature of emptiness. For some reason this teaching stuck with me. Back across the ocean and continent, I was able to grasp the essence of that teaching and make use of it every day since.

What a fine and unexpected development!

No sooner had I started on this compassion and emptiness mantra, then I found myself capable of distancing from the toxic madness that has been emanating from our so-called “representative government” and self-styled “free press.” Not only that, but other articles appeared in recent weeks which seemed to support my feeling of disconnection. When the only thing being offered is a plate of bullshit and open-faced lies, just go on a diet! As a matter of fact, just don’t consume any of that crap!

Take a break. Cut yourself off of the addictive news feeds. You’re going to feel a lot better. And you won’t be totally uniformed. The news will find you eventually. It always does. There is just no need to constantly beat ourselves up with a stream of lunatic verbiage. Read something meaningful instead. Better yet, write something meaningful!

Who knows, maybe if we all start working on our own aspirations, instead of reacting to the never-ending psy-op being fed to us, we will not have to take that wrong turn at Albuquerque. In fact, we might even branch off into a better branch of the future! Isn’t that what the spirit of Ostana is all about! To Aspire! To respect the living planet that hosts all of us living beings. Look at the kids from Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, Florida. Are they putting up with this endless bullshit. Look to the future. Branch into the alternate reality. The powers that be think they’ve got us in a psy-op full nelson? Let’s show them what gonzo mystical judo is all about!