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Takeshi Ogawa forms Japan SF translators group

Okay, since you asked, this is a snapshot I found online of Takeshi Ogawa and four Coachella 2008 attendees. But what I wanted to say is that Ogawa has founded a new website for translators to and from Japanese, 26to50 . Their mission:

We’re a band of professional translators. Our job is to transcribe 26 alphabetical letters of English into 50 phonetic characters of the Japanese language. Hence our group name was born. This is our venue to promote new writings and new writers, both to our readers and to our publishers. We hope, with the encouragement of our readers, to persuade our publishers to publish our recommendations in Japan. This is our CBGB, or Fillmore in fiction. We sincerely like to introduce new writers and new writings we love to our readers. We’ll do it for free, hoping our publishers like it and decide to publish our recommendations using us as their translators.