Steele Savage Paints the Kenekito Madual

It’s been a while since I posted a somewhat sarcastic note about the fine artist, Steele Savage. Now I feel compelled to follow up those seven images with yet another appreciation, since I really would like to know more about Savage and his career, which as far as I can tell spanned from the 1930s to 1970s. In this instance, I discovered that what I had assumed to be an amusing bit of fantasy in the cover illustration for John Brunner’s The Long Result, turns out to be the very likeness of the alien who is one of the major characters in the book. Here is the passage describing the remarkable, Anovel, a Regulan visitor to planet Earth:

Anovel stood some five feet eight or nine in height, and his resemblance to a horse was remarkable. He had the same long, rather sad-looking head, and twin nostril-sheaths rose above his eyes to give the effect of a horse’s ears. His skin was a vivid and beautiful blue, while the mane which ran down the nape of his neck was yellow as a buttercup.”

What a fine rendition of that odd being Savage provided us! Projecting from the characteristic cloud of faces, in this case a sort of crescent arc that swirls backwards to the left, it is a wonderful picture, indeed. Without spoiling the story for you, there is also an implication of the “crucial facts,” or kenekito, lurking in the oversized eyes of Anovel.