Nyoka, Jungle Girl

Okay, it’s not exactly a panel, but it is sort of weird… And it did clue me into the some arcane tidbits of film history. For example, I didn’t even know about the fifteen part-serial Nyoka, the Jungle Girl (1941), which claimed to be based on an Edgar Rice Burroughs 1929 novel, Jungle Girl, even though ERB’s book takes place in Cambodia, and Nyoka (“snake” in Swahili) is clearly set in the Hollywood mythos Africa.

Nor did I know that the 1942 serial, Nyoka and the Tigermen, was the basis for Raiders of the Lost Ark, with some scenes obviously stolen directly from the original. This makes sense, since we already know that the main plot of Star Wars was lifted straight out of Kurosawa’s Hidden Fortress.

In any case, just get an eyeful of these corny, yet strangely beautiful tinted photo montage covers of Nyoka, Jungle Girl comics from the early 1950s.