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Honkfest 2012, the opening parlay

(c) Benjamin Greenberg

Honk 2011 (c) Benjamin Greenberg

Not everyone enjoys the brassy-assed freak-out of Honkfest, but if you ask me, a pack of nutty anarchists marching around the streets jamming on trumpets, drums, flutes, french horns, and tubas, is always good.

It may take a village to raise a child, but all it takes in Somerville is a couple of radical marching bands, and before you can say jimmy-crack-corn you will be surrounded by stilt-walkers in illuminated gowns,  and chicks wielding flaming trombones walking around in skeleton-toed boots.   Works for me!

Here’s a video we captured on Elm Street, up until a kid smacked the camera with his lantern…but all in good fun!

Link to video:  HONK 2012, the opening number